What are you looking for?

There are a ton of homes out there waiting for someone to come love them (approximately 11,000 in Denver as of 01.10.2014). We encourage you to start your search on your own to get a sense for what is out there at your price point. We also encourage you to contact us about tapping into some of the resources at our disposal to locate your perfect home. 

I'm Ready to Buy, Now What?

Step One: Financing

If you're planning on purchasing a property, the first thing to establish is how much equity do you want to hold in the property. Maybe you want to own the property outright with no mortgage? In that case, let's get looking immediately because CASH IS KING in real estate and you'll be able to offer what a majority of buyers cannot. Maybe you have great credit, steady income, but just don't have enough saved up for the conventional 20% down? Fear not, there are options available. We have a great group of lenders that we work with on a consistent basis that can handle everything from a self-directed IRA to credit repair.

Regardless of how you are planning to fund your purchase, sorting out the financing needs to be taken care of before anything else. 


Step Two: Where Do You Want to Live?

There is a reason that you always hear about location when it comes to real estate (we'll spare you having to read it three times).  Hopefully you have an idea of which neighborhoods you would like to target your search on. The property doesn't stop at the front door. If not, start asking questions like:

  • How close is the nearest grocery store?
  • Is lightrail in walking distance?
  • How far away is the elementary school, and what is it's rating?
  • Where is the nearest city park?

You might be just looking for a particular property type and open to much larger geographic area. While we can accommodate you, be forewarned that it is our experience that clients are happier with their decisions when they target specific locations. You can always change the layout, aesthetics and landscaping of a property, so it might be the case that you need a project in order to purchase in your ideal neighborhood. 

If you are relocating to Denver and new to the city and surroundings don't be bashful! We love working with and educating soon-to-be Denverites about what this city has to offer. Based on the feedback we get from you, we'll be able to give you some neighborhood options that meet your needs.  


Step Three: Start the Search

Unless the property is being offered "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO), it is going to be listed on the Denver MLS. Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, etc. may be able to show you listings, but is the information up-to-date? We have been contacted on numerous occasions about properties showing as "active" on Zillow that have actually sold months prior. This is because these sites are not directly linked to the Denver MLS like we are. Searching for, and saving your favorite properties could not be easier. Be sure to set listing alerts as well that will automatically push new listings that meet your filters to your inbox. If you would rather, we can set everything up for you to get properties coming your way immediately.  

Current Denver Real Estate Market Trends

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