Office Max Saves the Day

So, I thought that I should pass this experience on to anyone who ever has to print in a pinch. I desperately needed a poster printed and laminated for tomorrow (the 4th). I am sponsoring some beverages for our neighborhood's (Homestead Farm) annual 4th of July party. I needed an 11x17 poster printed in color and laminated to let people know where this coveted nectar was flowing from. Called Fedex, no answer (even though their site said they wouldn't close till 6; it was 520). The only place that was open on this Sunday was OfficeMax in Highland's Ranch (a 20 minute drive from my house). Not only did they answer when I called at 541, they said it would be no problem if I emailed them the pdf and then came to pick it up before they closed. My girlfriend and I raced to the store as fast as we could. We got there at 603 and were greeted at the door by first name on our way in. They had the poster printed and laminated in color, and here's the kicker... for under $3.50. The customer service here is awesome, and definitely bailed me out this time. I recommend them for everyone's printing needs. Thank you OfficeMax. Get at em.