Spaces Highlands Ranch

If you are interested in the suburbs, but the traditional suburban house isn't for you? Look no further. Shea has created a development that caused utter shock when I saw it. I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was actually there. They have taken current needs of homeowners into account brilliantly with their development in Highlands Ranch, Spaces (there is a similar development in Reunion). These homes are open, energy efficient, functional and well priced. They start in the mid 200s and go up to 400 with upgrades. Models offer an office/bedroom on the first floor accompanying and large open room that has spaces for dining, living and the kitchen (which are finished as well as anything on HGTV). The bedrooms are all sized well, with the master suite the gem of the house. Not excessively large, the bedroom flows into the en suite that is set up perfectly to handle the needs of two every morning and night. Some models include a common living space upstairs which provides a more secluded area in comparison to the downstairs. All units have the washer and dryer upstairs, so laundry isn't the biggest hassle in the world. Combine all of this with windows everywhere allowing natural light to slip in from every direction, not to mention the views you get of the mountains from different angles of the development (the development is on a hill so most of the homes have great views). There are two main types of homes (flat and garden level) with several different models underneath each. The flat level has the garage on the main floor (all of the garages back to an alley with the front of the house facing a street), while the garden level has a the garage on the the basement level with a walk-out to the yard. Yards are particularly small at Spaces, but that is made up for with what the HOA provides: community parks in the middle of the development, snow removal from the streets, alleys, and walkways, and lawn care for the front of the house. Factor in location (Highlands Ranch Parkway and Wildcat Reserve) and Shea has produced a winner here. Check out the website here.