Living in Baker: My Experience

Recently, we started asking friends and clients that live around Denver to give us their take on the neighborhoods they live in. In this first feature, I must thank a friend, Brian, for sharing his experience of living in Baker:


My name is Brian. I have lived in the Baker neighborhood for over eight years. I remember my first visit to Baker and not coincidentally, the house I am in now. I had some friends that were renting the place and I wanted to check it out. I rode my bike from Lakewood, which is approximately a 45 minute ride on a BMX bike. The memory that decided to stick was looking south over the tops of the trees from then-Seth’s, now-my, balcony. I do remember liking that moment. Whether it was the friends, the view, the beers, the bike-vitamins or just the moment itself, I clearly remember liking it.

Later that year, I ended up moving in. Northern side of the neighborhood, a little closer to Santa Fe than Broadway. I was taking my undergrad at CU-Denver. I think I may have driven only three or four times in the few years I was there. I took the bike path from 6th & Lincoln right to the north classroom near Lawrence. If circumstances warranted (which they often did), I could make it from my front door to the classroom in under fifteen minutes, albeit sweaty no matter the season. Driving on the other hand, including the walk from the parking lot, actually took longer. From this spot in Baker, the radius where a bike will get you to your destination faster than a car is pretty big.

I think I would be better versed in the restaurants and nightlife around here if I weren’t so susceptible to my habits. I have several places I probably visit at least once a year, but it’s the same several. I love these spots, but adventuring is the key to success. There’s certainly enough around for everyone to find their favorite several.

Sometimes I feel like the neighborhood has grown up with me. I’ve watched my neighbor’s kids move into childhood. I’ve seen fellow houses get makeovers and put on weight (the good kind of weight!). We’ve both learned that sustained, focused work will make for smoother roads, no matter where we’re trying to go. I can definitely say that neither of us see the cops as much as we used to. I won’t be here my whole life, but I’ve lived here for much of the time I’ve spent becoming the person I am. Part of me will always live at 522.

If you live around Denver, we'd love to hear and publish your story as well. Send us an email and we'll get the process going.