Home is Whenever I'm With You

We all know that your home doesn't end at the front door. This is another aspect that makes Homestead Farm just that much better. When you make Homestead Farm your home, you are choosing to be part of a community that has been developing for over 30 years.

A short walk from anywhere in the neighborhood are the tennis courts and neighborhood pool. Our tennis courts have been completely resurfaced and leveled within the last five years, providing a great place to let loose in the cool evening after a hard day of work. Right across from the tennis courts is the neighborhood pool, where multiple generations of kids have grown up, by both spending their free time in the afternoon and through the swim team.
Every summer the entire neighborhood rallies around the Mighty Tarpons. Starting at age 4 on the Mini-Tarps, kids are immersed in a great sport from the get-go. From there they progress to the main team at age 7, and then can swim every summer until age 18. Although it always pained me to wake up so early in the summer for practice, I genuinely loved every minute of being a Tarpon. The team is part of the Rocky Mountain Swim League, which means that we compete against a ton of surrounding neighborhoods. Swim team is a great experience for all kids, and speaking as one that moved to Homestead Farm when I was 11, it was a great way to meet the neighborhood and make friends. I would recommend trying out the Mighty Tarpons to everyone.
Seasonal neighborhood events such as the summer kick-off party on Memorial Day, the 4th of July pool party and camping trip and the holiday luminaries and carriage ride provide great opportunities to get together with your neighbors and celebrate. Grilling, beer and good times are in abundance at the pool on both Memorial Day and the 4th. When it comes time to bundle up, the kids love the horse-drawn carriage ride. Set in the evening with all of the neighborhood streets lined with luminaries, cider (and possibly something a bit stronger) and a bon fire keep everyone warm on their throwback trip through the neighborhood.