Great Public Schools...

The biggest investment aside from your home is in your children and their education. Homestead Farm is a neighborhood that allows you to take advantage of great public schools. It all starts at the elementary level, and around here, it starts with a bang.
Lois Lenski Elementary is one of the highest rated elementary schools in not only the state, but the country (the US Department of Education has named it a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence). Along with being academic accolades, Lenski has been awarded the National Library of the Year (2004) from the American Library Association. Lenski also has a phenomenal art program.
So the kids are really starting to look old, and with that comes middle school, and in this case, Isaac Newton Middle School. Newton is a very well rounded school from the music and performing arts programs to math and the sciences. While not a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, I can speak personally to Newton's prowess (I went there way back when) and curriculum. Science labs, wood/metal shops, physical education and great field trips will help get the kids through the awkward stage of life we call middle school.

They are starting to become young adults, and aside from asking yourself how you got here so quickly is the need to challenge them as such. Arapahoe High School has been doing just that for almost half a century. Also a US Department of Education Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, AHS is one of the best high schools in the nation. Pushing teenagers in every area of academia imaginable (trust me, this is not an exaggeration) principal Ron Booth will get your children as well prepared as possible for college. Arapahoe boasts a graduation rate of over 94%, with a majority of graduates attending secondary education. Arapahoe excels in all areas, especially athletics (numerous state champions and runner-ups), band (multiple international and domestic trips) and in advanced placement classes.