Small Fixes to Boost the Value of Your Home

Upgrading your home is potentially pricey, which is why many shy away from it. If you’re planning large scale improvements - like renovating an entire kitchen or bathroom - you can expect to spend a chunk of change, and have a great return on your investment. But if shelling out cash for a large renovation isn't in your budget, there are other, less expensive ways, to add value to your home. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, take these tips to heart, they could be the very thing that seals the deal.


Give Your Entry and Landscaping Some Love:
According to a survey by, landscaping is one of the top three investments you can make in your home. For a great yard, make sure your trees and bushes are not overgrown, your lawn looks pristine, and the walkways leading to your house are in good shape. Also consider your entry. Potential buyers make up their mind about a house within the first seven seconds making the entryway to your home incredibly important. What does your front door look like? Is your foyer welcoming? Do you have an overhang on your porch? What condition is your porch in? Do you have a doorbell and is it functioning? How is your entryway lit? Considering and making improvements to these items will most certainly increase the value of your home.

Create Space:
Creating space sounds much more difficult than it is. Think about your home and where something could be opened up to create better flow or make a space seem bigger. The desired trend in homes in recent years has been an open floor plan. Knocking out a non-structural wall could be just the solution to create this.

Keep up with Home Maintenance:
This is the easiest, and least exciting of all the ways to boost your home’s value. Regular maintenance to your home means that your home stays in better shape, and you can avoid big fixes down the road. A couple hundred dollars can fix leaks, properly insulate your attic, get your electrical quirks sorted out or repair windows. Houses that are in great shape are more sought after by buyers.

Update the Bath:
Although a full renovation of the kitchen or bathroom would really increase the value of your home, a few quick fixes can make a difference. In the bathroom, replace any frosted glass with clear glass for a more modern look. Deep clean your floors- getting the grout back to white will make them look newer. Remove any rust stains. Update faucets, door knobs and drawer pulls. If you have a little extra money left in your budget, replace your full-flush toilet with a toilet that uses less water.

Painting is easily the quickest way to change the look of your home. Painting your home’s interior will help the home feel more move-in-ready, can help make spaces seem bigger, and will freshen up your home immensely. Just make sure to do the job neatly, or hire a professional to do it if you’re not confident in your painting skills.

Of course, large renovations will have the most impact on the value of your home. In upcoming posts, we will cover the best renovations to invest in when you choose to go down that road. Until then, try out a few of these less expensive fixes- you may be surprised what a difference they make!