Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

Don’t get us wrong, we completely understand that winter may not be the most ideal time to sell your home. Your landscaping isn't at it's best. The weather is unenjoyable and it’s harder to show your home without the beautiful natural light and great weather that other seasons provide. There is a silver lining to selling your home in the wintertime however- less competition from other homes on the market. Even though there may be less potential buyers at this time of year, your house will stand out to those looking to buy solely because it’s for sale at this time.


If you do it right, selling your home in the winter can work out. Follow these tips and make sure you have a great broker on your team to make it happen:

1. Keep prospective buyers safe by regularly shoveling your walkways and getting rid of any ice around your home.

2. Make your home as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Jack up the heat and turn on all of the lights before the showing. If possible, try to set showings during the day to take advantage of natural light.

3. Make sure your home has a warm cozy feel by hiring a stager. When your home is staged and decluttered, it will shine.

4. Like any season, price your home to sell. At any time of year, it is so important to merchandise, merchandise, merchandise (price included)!

People need to purchase real estate all times of year and winter is no different. Less competition in the winter season will help sell your warm and welcoming home. People with homes in states like Colorado don’t have it so bad when selling in the winter. To snow bunnies, winter conditions can actually be a selling point.

For more advice on selling your home, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.