Countertop Trends: Granite’s Not the Only Game in Town

Countertop Trends: Granite’s Not the Only Game in Town

For several years, the standard for quality countertops was granite, and it was rare to see updated kitchens without it. Recently, several new countertop materials have appeared on the scene giving those remodeling their kitchen countless other options when it comes to surface space. Check out these popular granite alternatives-

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Invest Now

Did you know that Denver is currently the #2 rental market in the country? With demand higher than it has ever been in the Mile High City for rental properties, vacancy rates are at all time lows (my dad's company, Simpson Housing Group, currently has occupancy levels around 95% for their Denver properties). Factor in some of the great deals you can find on short sales and bank-owned properties and this is the perfect time to buy an investment property (property you own and lease out, acting as the landlord or having a property management company help out). Rates are also at history lows (as everyone knows from all of the ads constantly playing) which means you can get a property below market value, with a super low interest rate, in a market that you can almost instantly lease it out. If any of this sounds intriguing to you, contact me, follow me, or comment and let's get you in an ownership position that is comfortable to you. Happy hunting.

Homestead Farm: Surprisingly Not a Farm

So I have decided that I am going to start doing some blogging on some great neighborhoods in my area, and the first is going to be of the neighborhood I was raised in and currently reside, Homestead Farm. I'm going to be discussing aspects of each neighborhood on a weekly basis, with the whole process per neighborhood taking about three weeks. Whether or not you live in the area, I hope this will provide some inside knowledge on the South Metro Denver area, so check back in weekly.