Ask The Goetz Group: How Important are New Windows?

A client recently asked me how important and valuable putting new windows into her home would be. Because her windows are 30 years old, I responded with, "it would probably be wise thing to do".


Deciding whether or not windows are worth the investment depends on many factors. How old are the current windows? What kind of shape is the rest of the property in? In further conversations with my clients, they shared that they have recently remodeled their bathrooms. They also have plans for a remodel of their kitchen in the near future. Because the family knows they want to sell in the future, but aren’t sure of an exact date, I suggested that they put money toward a kitchen remodel over windows. Remodeled and updated kitchens and bathrooms are the two most valuable changes you can make to your home when it comes to resale and return on investment.

Because my client is unsure of when they’ll be selling (she would love to stay and her husband is ready to pull the plug), I encouraged her to take action on whatever changes would make her the happiest in her home at this time. Almost any remodeling work will help resale down the road. If possible, the addition of new windows would benefit her by cutting down energy costs and makes a nice selling point for the new owners in the future- regardless of when that may be.

Here’s the moral of the story: Fix up your home and enjoy it- whether you’re planning to sell soon or way down the road. Remodeling projects will help with the exit strategy when you are ready to sell and keep you happy for the rest of the time in your current home.

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